How do I qualify?

This is for auto groups that have a very bare minimum of 1,000 used vehicles – 7 years or newer, under 100,000 miles. The very bare minimum requirement is 1,000. We prefer you have 2,500 – 3,000 front line ready vehicles. We will need 20 dedicated F&I spinners, they do not have to be your top guys and directors. All Front and Back-end profits will be loaded before they sign up. We will only need entry level spinners. Once you have met the minimum requirements then we will schedule a full day meeting with you and your executive branches. This is where we will determine who qualifies.

Can my team participate in the sale?

All of your staff is welcome to participate. They will undergo 5 half days of rigorous training. We highly suggest you include all of your guys. To be honest, the greener the better. An event of this magnitude will turn out A-players. Everyone that participates in this training will benefit for the rest of their lives. We are looking for young men and women that have good attitudes and are coachable and trainable. All ages are acceptable, but we will refuse the guys on your team with bad attitudes. We have a zero tolerance policy for negativity.

When is the soonest we can start?

A sale of this size will take 4-6 months to produce. We will start with locating an acreage big enough to house such an event. We will then start prepping all the local businesses and secure buy-in from everyone within an hour from location. We will be giving away $1,000 worth of local merch every 3 hours. We will have a carnival, food trucks, blimps, a petting zoo and much more. You will go down in history for the Biggest event in your community.

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