This method has been taught, preached, and used by the best of the best in the staffed event world. When you put this to work at your dealership you will eliminate the need for an outside sales team. You will increase customer reviews, completely transform the customer experience and maintain an average of 30% higher gross per copy. This strategy will make you $10,000,000 in the first 3 years!

Who is this for?

This is for dealers that want to increase their customer satisfaction, CSI scores and cut the time their customers spend buying a car in half. This is for auto dealers that love high-traffic events, but are tired of paying teams 25% for doing a job they could be doing themselves. This is also for stores that are having a hard time hiring and keeping talented players on the roster. This simple strategy will make the greenest of green salespeople into Rockstar overnight.

Benefits of Paid Training

We believe that this strategy is so important that we have written a book on how to do
this at your store free of charge. It is a small 4 chapter book that outlines things to look for, personalities to look for as well as job duties. You are all very familiar with the greeter, seater, closer routine and many just need to see it in writing to remember the importance of this basic strategy. The book, support, and Facebook groups are all free of charge. The benefit of having someone come into your store and train your staff is accountability. Plus when you have someone come out it will be preceding a big event, so your guys will instantly see the importance of this strategy in their paychecks. Trained strategies tend to last 23xs longer than suggestive training.

How can I do this on my own?

This is the reason we started training on our front-end strategy “Duck, Duck, GOOSE”. Most of you have a very talented and sales-savvy staff that is perfectly capable and currently running big numbers. We don’t train you on how to sell cars. You know how to sell cars. We train you on how to efficiently run hundreds and thousands of customers through your machine while increasing gross profit and customer satisfaction. You will see Google reviews and CSI skyrocket after day 1 of training. You can download our pdf, join our Facebook groups, and completely do this on your own.

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