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Who is this for?

This is for auto dealers who need traffic, need salespeople and or want to better their staff with training. Traffic on demand will bring customers in groves in as little as 7 days. Depending on your store, your staff and inventory we will customize a traffic package based on your needs.
Every dollar you spend, brings back a minimum of 3 in return. Most sales bring a 7-10X return, but you will never walk away without a return. It’s our owners personal guarantee!

Benefits of having staffed events

The biggest benefit of having a staffed event is because it is ready-made super results. It is for dealers looking for a shot in the arm or to dump old age rides. Having a staffed event will bring you $300k-$700k in 10 days while selling 30-50% of your inventory. We invest 100% of the budget into your sale and guarantee the results. Staffed events are the dog and pony show that most of us loved when we started selling cars. It is like a time machine back when selling cars was super fun and very exciting! Not to mention boring sucks! Our sales generate 200 – 300 5 star Google Reviews!

How can I do this on my own?

This is the reason we started training on our front end strategy “Duck, Duck, GOOSE”. Most of you have a very talented and sales savvy staff that is perfectly capable and currently running big numbers. We don’t train you on how to sell cars. You know how to sell cars. We train you on how to efficiently run hundreds and thousands of customers through your machine while increasing gross profit and customer satisfaction. You will see Google reviews and CSI skyrocket after day 1 of training.

Hear from the people who chose
traffic on demand

Recent Sales Result!

What We’ll Cover In Your 15-Minute Strategy Call:

The guarantee - What guarantee your store qualifies for. You could qualify for a $500,000 guarantee

The Traffic package - Some stores have better success with highly targeted handwritten mail and some do better with TRAFFIC ON DEMAND.

Duck - Duck - Goose - Exclusive access to our $10,00,000 training strategy.

Availability for mail drops and staffed events

What you can do to get traffic in 24 hours.

Failed events where guarantees
were not met

Woody Folsom CDJR of Vidalia

Steve signed up on a $200,000 guarantee. We put up $147,943 in 5 days. We walked out with $0, after ad spend and commissions Steve netted $100,000.

Tate Branch

- Isabell signed her used car store up on a targeted pre-approval. She missed 3:1 by $2,800. We kept advertising and got her $5,600 above her guarantee.

Legends Driven Buick GMC

Dave signed his store in Lawton on a $250,000 guarantee. We walked out with a $0 check after producing $209,645 in gross. After his sales commission and mail netted over $135,000.

Jerry Ray Davis

Jerry Ray signed up on a 4:1 targeted database mailer. Everything that could have gone wrong did. We switched on our digital ads and brought a 6:1 return.

You will receive a minimum 3:1 guarantee! More likely 7-10x, but 3:1 is guaranteed.

your store may even qualify for a $500,000 guarantee


You can download the E-book and train yourself free of charge. Live
training will yield the biggest return.



This method has been taught, preached, and used by the best of the best in the staffed event world. When you put this to work at your dealership you will eliminate the need for an outside sales team. You will increase customer reviews, completely transform the customer experience and maintain an average of 30% higher gross per copy. This strategy will make you $10,000,000 in the first 3 years!

Our Rock-Solid 3:1 Guarantee

When you spend any amount of money with 30 Cent Print, you can invest with
confidence because you’ll always be covered by our 3:1 guarantee. In the extremely
unlikely event we can’t bring you a 7X – 10X return, we will keep advertising until you
get a bare minimum of 3:1 – no questions asked.

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