Digital Events

Digital Marketing Real World Results

Harness the power of social media marketing – the fastest growing field in advertising. Pairing digital with direct mail lets you reach tens of thousands more customers where they are online. Boost your results, retarget existing customers for special offers, or import lists to find exactly who you want to find in your campaign. 

Messenger Campaigns

Connect with customers on Facebook through BDC managed messenger campaigns.

How it Works

  • A campaign schedule, theme and offer are determined
  • We forward all information to our BDC chat partners
  • We create a custom Facebook page for your sales event
  • All ads are run through this page and deliver customers to chats with qualified chat agents
  • The agents gather lead information, attempt to schedule an appointment, and forward information to your dealership

Messenger Campaign Examples

Pick 5 Campaigns

Procedurally optimize your campaigns for maximum performance!

How it Works

  • We develop five distinct offers to test, one against the other
  • For the first few days of the campaign, we run all five together with a limited budget, same as in a messenger campaign
  • Then, once data comes in, we start cutting off the lowest performing offers
  • Within a few days, we take the winning offer and run the remainder of the campaign with it, funneling all money into it
  • All throughout, chat agents are taking leads and scheduling appointments – and by the end we know what does and doesn’t work for your audience, and run the best campaign possible for the rest of your event!

Pick 5 Campaign Examples

Service Campaigns

Procedurally optimize your campaigns for maximum performance!

How it Works

  • We design an offer for new and returning service department customers
  • We run an ad targeting new audiences (conquest) or existing customers in a list provided by your department
  • Customers message in or click to an appointment scheduler to book an appointment at your dealership
  • Lead data is submitted by our chat agents or entered directly into your system
  • The customer shows up for their appointment and claims their offer!

Service Campaign Examples