If you drive specialized traffic. You need specialized Talent!

You wouldn’t expect a general practitioner to perform brain surgery. When you have a specialized problem, you get recommended to a specialist. You can handle these events on your own if you had too, but you don’t have too… The increase in profit alone pays for the team fee.


With our high traffic mail programs you can expect to see 700 – 1,000 people in a week’s time. Having a full team of highly trained management and sales position you for huge success, better customer experience and an overwhelming volume of car deals and gross. You will increase google reviews, CSI and overall customer satisfaction! We train your staff everyday so they can make more money and have more fun than they ever thought possible!


We bring one manager to train your sales guys, close every sale and manage the entire flow. This option is really good if you have a tremendous amount of water or if you have plenty of staff and just need specialized support. This option paid a flat per car sold. 2-3 salespeople are available if you need.

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